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2003, installation


A sort of “total installation”, involving the actor, allusive character, in the video that comes along with it. The issue it deals with is body care, that greatly influences and sometimes obsesses nowadays cultures. The display underlines, with allusive and essential gesture, its superficiality. The lying down in comfortable and reassuring cotton wool in an almost foetal manner makes clear the meaning of a maybe-childlike insecurity and, after all, the concept of immaturity which is innate in narcissism. If in myth times Narcissus was reflected in some spring water, the actor takes shelter, with subtle irony, in a soft old bath-tub, maybe inviting all of us to imitate him, al least symbolically, by entering the soft room he prepared for us; on the contrary, this is actually a prison, because the superficiality innate in the worship of look forces us into a sad game. Lying down in a bath-tub full of cotton wool as a way to get over everyday self-evidence and paradoxes: a way to go, far from aestheticism and superficial values, towards an ideal truth made up of simple thoughts, deep and intuitive. Intangible, indeed.


(Marianna Accerboni . From the text of the exposition)





performers:  Manuel Fanni Canelles
direction by: Manuel Fanni Canelles
year: 2003




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