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Avoiding any romantic or sentimental temptation, BEYOND STRAIN is a film that does not challenge, does not aspire to amaze at first glance, but it's rooted in the strain of the repeated action, establishing a conversation with life and its continuous training, like an aesthetics rooted in the creases of being human. In this sense, cameras plunge into space along with the dancers, feeling part of their dance, into the listening of movements, gestures, suonds, looks. A work of serious and strict contemplation.

ETERNITY is a film project about deep ecology and focuses its narrative about the human need to reactivate the lost alliance with their planet, seen not as an abstract entity but an organism that lives and self-determining.
Narrative film and visionary at the same time, approaching the global ecology to that of human ecology, the human crisis and its identity to the dimension of a collective crisis, through videoartistic and non-narrative inserts.

JUST A PERFECT DAY An antinarrative visual project that skims the anthropological depths of the humane nature developing the theme of the unhappiness, of the dependence and of the rebirth 

The wayfarer Friederich, is untied by its own space and its own contemplation and inserted into the Brion Tomb by Carlo Scarpa.
An inner meditation no longer tied to the landscape.
Architecture, photography, drawing, interact with the view of the camera with the size and stage of the theater.


Proposed about two synchronised protections, this short tells, avoiding any romantic or sentimental temptation, the creative gesture of the artist Manuela Sedmach. The documentary film seems to suggest that the preparation of a work of art and the strain of the artistic gesture do not manage to be unlaced at the domestic time, also he scanned by gestures and preparations.
The poetics expands, with an almost holistic process, from the canvas to the environments in which the life is lived. Also a look becomes a repeated gesture. Each instant becomes poetic. Where there is no poetry, it misses the horizon.


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