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There is a work by the great French painter J.Gericault that has never been found. This lost work is entitled: "Man looking at and contemplating the sea". No iconographic evidence has come down to us, but traces remain in written documentation (Charles Blanc, 1845, p.440: "flute player, academy studio, of absolutely masterly execution"), it is described by Clémente (p.279) as follows: "young man playing the flute, seated on a rock. His right leg is bent, the left stretched forward. Waves are beating against the rock. Background of sky')

Ibrahim is an African boy fleeing from war who, after a dramatic desert crossing and imprisonment in a Libyan detention camp, lands on a rubber dinghy on the Italian coast of Lampedusa in 2016.

The margins of interpretation offered by literary sources make it possible to translate the invisible lost and give painting the chance to be reinvented, re-establishing a dialogue with contemporary reality, with the intention of problematising the concept of the disappeared.
The theatrical setting created together with the protagonist leads to a reflection on the representation of man in migration. The theatrical action becomes a form of exorcising and liberating act.
During his acting, Ibrahim reflects on the theme of the body and on the events experienced by the shipwrecked Medusa. The story of his personal journey becomes a universal tale.

Photo: Manuel Canelles

Light designer: Martina Ferraretto
Vocalist: Erica Benfatto

Performer: Silvia Morandi

Collaboration: Angela Giassi


3 - 8 september 2019Ambient #1 MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea







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