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Sulla via dei fiori

The contradictions of each of us staged as the flowers in a Japanese ikebana flower arrangement.

Ikebana is not a play about flower arrangement or Japanese culture.  For us, ikebana is a pre-text to tell the story of the interplay of conflicting positions and forces that coexist in each of us in balance, just like the cut flowers in these compositions.

Text by C.Vilardo >>

Direction_ Manuel Canelles

Text_ Barbara Sinicco

Actors_Giorgio Monte, Marta Comuzzi, Makiko Yamada

Musicians_ Chiara Minca, Andrea Medeot

Assistente alla regia_ Trina Molchanova

Video_ Vladimir Senin

Ricerca Suoni_ Michele Spanghero

Tecnico luci_ Mohammad Mohsen Darai

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