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The starting point of the residential project is the film "Incontroluce" by director Manuel Canelles, which is inspired by the autobiographical narrative of Lucia Andergassen, born in Val di Non in the '60s when, as an adult, she felt the need to recompose the flow of memories lost in time, activating a relationship with the descendants of a non-biological mother, who emigrated to the United States at the beginning of the last century. And it is Lucia herself who hosts the project in Ronzone as a testimony to the value of identity and the autobiographical path. The project is set up as a zero edition for a multidisciplinary artistic residency format, a bottom-up attempt without any form of public contribution and funding to requalify the artists' need to connect thoughts, establishing a common work pact, a new system of creative work, outside the logic of the system. The residency involves the elaboration of a final performance and the realization of a catalogue that includes through photographs, works, texts, the creative process and the various phases of the study. In addition to Manuel Canelles, among the artists involved also participates in the performer Silvia Morandi, musicians Silvio Gabardi and Anika Dobreff, the artist Nazario Zambaldi.


"In this sense, the format of an artistic residence - says the director Manuel Canelles - allows us to tell a reunited distance where space is not seen as a dividing place but as a territory of redemption and hope. Specifically, it invites the meeting between generations to learn about stories of places and people with a view to participation and community sharing. The workshop approach continues and invites people to search for new connections in the archive of their memories and acquire tools for integration and reading".
Mamadou Dioume: "I would like to work with the artists and the participants in the stage, on the meanings I noticed from the teaser of the film that Manuel Canelles is making, a strong connection between sounds, images, ancient photographs and spaces, as if Lucia Andergassen drew with full hands from nature. For this reason I would like to suggest that we work on the narrative starting from a story that has been told to each of us (and that each of us carries with us because it is necessary for terrestrial life) and is influencing us and one in which I have been or am the protagonist. And that's where we go on our dreams to trigger something underground and unconscious".

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