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2015, performance. Spazio5. Trieste (I)

​curated by G.Polita

"...reading a text is never an erudite exercise in search of meanings, even less a highly textual exercise in search of a signifier, but a productive use of the machine, an assembly of desiring machines, a schizoid exercise that frees the text of its revolutionary power..." is how the Anti-Hypos repeats almost half a century after its epiphany in the bourgeois city, unaware or indifferent to the exhaustion of impulses, to the extension and the fury of performative protocols: reading - action, performance, Leistung- is thus, in spite of itself, part of the virtuous order of the spectacular circuit, to which it makes its energy available.  Yet, even under siege, the text preserves its ability to do a job, even outside of any semantic-semiotic production, as long as it does not want to redeem its mortgage on the effect.

Even a scale -each simple scale- is a text, patiently written on a norm and referred to an archetypal gesture: climbing, climbing, reaching: it connects two levels, placing them implicitly in a hierarchical relationship, but in its temporariness it can subvert an order, betray expectations, redefine the functions of the place of departure and the place of arrival. With its shaky balance between spectacle and revolution, it is made available to those who personally take the risk of the interpretative game. Nothing new, just a note at the edge of the urban con-text, in the ubiquitous public space.   It is dangerous to lean out. 

                                                                                                                                                                                 Giulio Polita 

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