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Dreaming a territory play_02

what border have you crossed?

We worked together, a heterogeneous, composite and differentiated 'whole'. So here is the first element of strength, the multiplicity of different experiences. I am reminded of the image of a magnet, our two work spaces, which attracts opposites, brings them together in a ring, a square that beyond the room in which we worked is evidently a space of the mind and spirit, a place where imagination and discomfort can coexist and offer us the possibility of translating, transcribing, resolving or simply activating a crisis.

Each of you has been able to experience something and verify difficulties, to count - as after a battle - the losses suffered and the territories conquered, after all, we always speak of limit, a word that implies 'limen', border. What border have you crossed? And if not crossed, which at least brushed against, or if not brushed against, which did you observe? Each one of you (and certainly not me) can, in his or her innermost self, give shape to this borderline and verify its liquidity or, on the contrary, note its hardness, its immobility.

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