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2006, performance


Sweet-and-sour gestural fairytale about cruelty, that analyses some stereotypes of violence and tries to interpret it – also in the reading of drama texts –with a detached and ironic eye, in a continuous intent of regeneration and rebirth. Scenes intertwine, becoming thin and unfinished; Inquisition scenes meet folk languages and songs; clumsy body drives become mild backgrounds.

Society oppresses and restrains with its superstitions. 

There is the awareness that one can get over an event, though it is traumatic, without self-pity. 

Actress and actors in female drags bring to life a performance that switches from moments of evocative stillness to flowing dynamic moments: Holy Inquisition scenes mix with suicide drives up to the irreverent ending, where the dramatic tension vanishes in a delicate ballet, leading the audience to wonder if all the pain has actually been felt and if it really leaves any trace. 




Concept and direction: Manuel Fanni Canelles

With:  Enrica Battello, Mirella Benes, Francesca Coloni, Fabrizio Donati, Alice Porro, Rita Sangiorgio, Elisa Tuzzi, Silvia Vecchiato

OPENING: Centro antiviolenza GOAP, Trieste

During 75’


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