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the third paradise

The reflection on the Third Paradise, in fact, matured in December 2014 with the adhesion of the Galilei school of Trieste in the context of a project on the Rebirth day, a symbolic day of the Third Paradise, on the occasion of which a video documentation is made, then projected and proposed to the public during the final event of 2015.

MICHELANGELO PISTOLETTO is one of the most representative living Italian artists on an international level. In his works he deals with the themes of Europe and the Mediterranean in their resources and contradictions, themes that inevitably involve our contemporary. The artist presented the project of the Third Paradise at the Venice Biennale in 2003, with a strong connotation of social commitment and which later took on a collective and planetary dimension. 

In view of this commitment, Spazio5 artecontemporanea has promoted the project "RAFTING TO THE THIRD PARADISE", an international open-call for contemporary art created with the aim of rethinking the area of the Old Port of Trieste in the cultural perspective outlined by the Master. 

The artists were asked to identify a small area within the Old Free Port - in disuse or abandoned - to define its specificity and propose a way to enhance it, following the principle that a small sign can generate great consequences.

RAFTING TO THE THIRD PARADISE has therefore developed and built over time, maintaining its identity as a flexible and conceptual structure, while adhering to the relationships with museums, institutions and international realities.

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